Vasopro Ephedrine

Vasopro Ephedrine by MegaPro is probably the most popular ephedrine supplement on sale with 25mg of pure ephedrine hcl.

Vasopro Ephedrine has changed names to EPHED Ephedrine though still made by Mega Pro. offers the latest information on ephedrine products.

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Where to Buy Vasopro Ephedrine offers the best place to buy Vasopro Ephedrine which MegaPro has changed to EPHED Ephedrine 25mg.

With EPHED Ephedrine 25mg you get the same pure 25mg of ephedrine that you loved with Vasopro.

You can also buy Vasopro in 12mg dosage with EPHED 12.5mg

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Mucus relief

How To Get Relief From Mucus During A Cold or Flu.

What is Mucus and How Do You Get Rid Of It? You can usually tell when a cold is coming on, you start to get a runny nose first. This is runny nose is actually a increase in mucus product. Your body does this as either a reaction to a foreign substance in your airways or as a symptom of the … [Read More...]

What is Vasopro Ephedrine

Vasopro is sold under the following brand names of Rapid Action, Bronch-eze, and EPHED. Only EPHED is available for sale on the market today.

Vasopro is a pure 25mg of ephedrine supplement in tablet form.

Vasopro is used as an expectorant and bronchodilator for short term relief for those wheezing from bronchial asthma, have shortness of breath issues, and tightness felt in the chest cavity. Vasopro works by loosening the mucus and thinning the bronchial secretions that are found in the bronchial tubes.