Dymetadrine 25 Pure Real Ephedrine Is Available Again at LiveLeanToday.com

Dymetadrine 25 from AST


If you have been around the bodybuilding and fitness game as long as I have you have heard or used Dymetadrine 25. This is the one that started it all. I can remember telling my friend the pharmacist about and he told me they sold the exact same product at the pharmacy. He said it was a Beta 2 Agonist which is used to improve breathing.

Beta2-agonists are considered first line therapy for the treatment of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with intermittent symptoms. They are used for both short and long term relief of symptoms. Beta2-agonists also may be used before exercise to reduce breathing difficulties.

I can remember the great effects the product had on my body, my workouts were better because of the easier breathing. I got an instant strength boost because of the adrenalin boosting effects of ephedrine. I kept a crazy level of low body fat, under 5% because of the fat burning qualities of Ephedrine, and by a combination of all of these I was more muscular. By my estimates I added 2-4 more pounds of muscle per year just because of this 1 supplement.

But the good news didn’t stop there. While in college I started using Dymetadrine and Vasopro ephedrine after some long college nights that tend to happen, when you should be home studying. It was great for getting me through the day and getting me going in the morning. However I started noticing that I was able to remember in much greater detail, the things I had read, and lectures in the class and my test scores started going up.

So I did some research on ephedrine to see why this was happening. I found that others were already using ephedrine for energy, as a stimulant and for mental alertness. Ephedrine was having the ability to act as a nootropic, or brain pill.

What a great product Dymetadrine 25 was; helps you lose weight, breathe better gives you energy, burns fat, curbs your appetite, give you a better memory and makes you smarter.

Why on earth was this miracle drug taken off the market? The answer is methamphetamine. Ephedrine can be used to make meth, so the govt. in its wisdom, punishes the millions because of what a few hundred idiots are doing. Personaly I do care if you use drugs and I don’t care it drug user die from using drugs. If you do stuppid things and die that keeps you from spreading your stuppid gene to children. Ignorant people are supposed to die that is called survival of the fittest.

Well luckily the main and only ingredient that was in Dymetadrine 25, which was ephedrine is available again and it is called Ephed Pure Ephedrine. You have to give you ID and fill out a 1 time form to be able to buy it, and you can only buy a small amount each month but it is more than enough for personal use.

I’m so glad this is back on the market and you will be too if you have never tried it.