Pure Ephedrine HCL

Many people are looking for pure ephedrine HCL.  This is the familiar way people used to get ephedrine a decade or so ago.  Today the legal ephedrine sold is ephedrine hcl plus guaifenesin.  It may not make the current available products pure though it should make little difference to those wanting to take ephedrine for its intending purposes.

Ephedrine HCL is used today for asthma relief.  Actually, it has been used for centuries for asthma relief by traditional Chinese medicine.  Ephedrine works on your receptors to support production of what is commonly referred to as adrenaline.  The release of adrenaline is one of the key aspects that support the opening of a person’s airways for temporary relief of asthma like symptoms.

Guaifenesin is added to the current legal ephedrine products to support the breakup of mucus that can be blocking a person’s airways.  The addition of guaifenesin allows for a greater asthma support product.

Another reason guaifenesin is in ephedrine supplements are it makes it hard for people to make Meth out of it.  The making of Meth from ephedrine is why ephedrine is now regulated by the DEA.  The good news is that ephedrine is legal for those that still want to use it for its stimulant and asthma related benefits.

Ephedrine is legal in two different dosages.  You can find ephedrine HCL in either a 12.5mg or a 25mg dosage.  There are limits to how much ephedrine you can buy per 30 day period as to keep it to personal use.  You can buy 24 12.5mg packages of ephedrine per 30 days and 12 25mg packages.

There are also state restrictions as it relates to the sale and shipment of ephedrine which LiveLeanToday.com has spelled out in a colorful map that makes it easy for the consumer to understand.  Live Lean Today is one of the only certified legal ephedrine retailers online who have both dosages of ephedrine for sale.