Pure Ephedrine HCL

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Many people are looking for pure ephedrine HCL.  This is the familiar way people used to get ephedrine a decade or so ago.  Today the legal ephedrine sold is ephedrine hcl plus guaifenesin.  It may not make the current available products pure though it should make little difference to those wanting to take ephedrine for its intending purposes. Ephedrine HCL is used today for asthma relief.  Actually, it has been used for centuries for asthma relief by traditional Chinese medicine.  Ephedrine works on your receptors to support production of what is commonly referred to as adrenaline.  … [Read more...]

Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine For Weight Loss, Asthma, Stuffy Noses.

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Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine are two different drugs derived from the Ephedra plant but have similar characteristics. Both are used in OTC medications, both can be used to lose weight, and both can be used to boost athletic performance. They act on the body by imitating the natural effects of the body’s own adrenaline, leading to increased alertness and a boosted metabolism. Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine can be confused as they are sold in similar forms such as Primatene and Sudafed. Both are generally marketed in the form of liquid, sprays or tablets. … [Read more...]

State Restrictions for Buying Ephedrine

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The following states have no restrictions for buying ephedrine. Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Virgina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, District of Colombia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire If you live in any of the states above than it is legal for you to buy ephedrine or have it shipped to you from buying online. … [Read more...]